Still Here

January 27, 2008

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Hi everyone.

I am still around although I’m not blogging or stitching as much as before.

Ayame is getting so big. She no longer fits in that outfit she is wearing in the picture I posted last time. She is 8 months old today and has been wearing her 9 month outfits since Christmas. She now enjoys sitting with Mommy and Daddy on the couch and she *loves* sitting on Mommy’s lap when Mommy is trying to work on the computer. I might need to find her her own keyboard as she keeps trying to type while I’m typing.

Yuko, we picked a Japanese name for her. :) My family has a tradition of giving all first borns names that start with A. We looked at a list of Japanese girl names and Ayame stood out. We were trying to decide between Ayame and Alexandria and couldn’t pick. So we ended up with Ayame Alexandria. :) I like to call her Ayame Chan too. :)

Baby Can Stand!

January 9, 2008

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Yup! She refuses to crawl, but I can prop her up and she’ll stand by herself (while holding on to the railings) for a couple of minutes.


I’ve been stitching, but making slow progress.  I actually finished stitching the snowman for Ayame’s ornament before Christmas, but sadly, I didn’t have time to turn it into an ornament.  Bad Mommy has put it in the “to be finished later” pile.  Right now, I’m making ok progress with LHN’s Coffee Menu.  Ideally I will be done stitching it by Friday night because I know I won’t have time to stitch on Saturday.  It’s possible, but we’ll see.  I *should* have a complete set of DMC… After all, I took advantage of all those 8/$1 sales at AC Moore.  But noooo.   I can’t seem to find my bobbin of 754.  And that’s just wrong.  I had a complete set in bobbins.  I *know* I do.  But now I can’t even find the bobbin!  Grrr.  I know its in this house somewhere and I will find it!

Sweetest Gift

January 2, 2008

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Ayame got a ton of presents for Christmas. But the most special I think is this doll.

T’s Grandparents got this for her. Grandma also wrote a wonderful note for Ayame.

“This is a present from your Great Grandmother and Grandfather. It is for when you are older so you will remember us.” I almost cried. Grandma said that she wanted to get something extra special for Ayame because they won’t be around when she’s older. Very, very sweet. I am sure Ayame will treasure this. The card will go in the box and I will give it to her when she turns 13 I think. Makes me wish that I had something (anything) from my great grandparents.

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