Happy Dances Galore!

October 7, 2008

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I’ve been busy stitching!  I recently finished 2 projects (one is even framed!  *gasp!*) and I did a do-over on an ornament from 2006.

First off is Kanji.  I found an image online and charted it using PC Stitch.  I stitched it on 28 count white Charles Craft Monaco using 2 strands of Bright Red Vikki Clayton Silks, over 2.

I also decided that I would try lacing this project.  Instead of pinning the project to make sure that the weave is completely straight, I pulled some threads from my fabric to mark my edge.  Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of this step.  The removed row of thread from the fabric created a straight line for me to follow, thus making lacing a bit easier, I think.  I used white DMC Perle Cotton to lace the project.

This is a frame we picked out at AC Moore.  I love how stark all the white is compared to the bright red silk.

The next happy dance is my Katamari Prince.  I first saw this on Sprite Stitch.  The original pattern is here.  There is no color code, so I asked for help at the Sprite Stitch Board.  I ended up tweaking the colors and this is the final result.  I decided to use Smyrna crosses instead of regular cross stitch to increase the project size and to add texture.  I really like the very pixilated effect of the Smyrnas.

And finally, my do-over project is Dragon Dreams’ 2006 Halloween freebie.  The original version wasn’t bad, but the thick cord always bothered me.  It was just way to thick.  So after 2 years, it got a make over.  :)



Bad Mommy!

October 2, 2008

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I forgot to blog about our latest visit to the doctor.  Reeve is now 11 lbs 2 oz and is 22 inches long.  Dr. V wanted us to start doing tummy time with him and I told her that we’ve been doing that since mid-August at the recommendation of Dr. R.  She said that he has really strong neck muscles!  Yay Reeve!  He cried a little when he got his shots, but calmed down after a bit.

Ayame is now 23 lbs and 32 inches tall.  She is average with her weight, but a bit above average with her height.  She fussed a bit during the check up.  She didn’t like Dr. V touching her.  She tried to climb out of the weighing scale and it took several tries before a proper head measurement was taken.  She cried louder and longer when she got her shots even though she only got 2 and Reeve got 4.

They were both cranky that day and both got a teeny tiny dose of Motrin.  I never give the full dose as a half dose seems to do the job.  Ayame also has several teeth attacking her gums which makes her horribly grumpy.  Poor baby girl.  Dr. V also recommended a “milk diet” for Ayame.  I am apparently giving her way too much.  So now she is down to 24 to 30 oz a day.  She fought the first 2 days of it, but now we’re doing great.  :)

I have lots of new pictures in my gallery.  I took this one today.  I call it “Who is the creepiest one of all?”  LOL.  Yes, I’m a bad mommy.  LOL.

The Raggedy Ann fabric was from my Grandma’s sister and the fabric for the other doll was from my mom’s cousin.  My mom stitched them up and even did some fancy embroidery on the doll with the white dress.  I can’t explain why I find them creepy, they just are!


Thanks to everyone who left comments! I really do read them, I just sometimes forget to answer the questions.  :)

Kat - MA pizza is lame! Seriously.  There is always something off with the dough.  Like its pre-made or frozen pizza dough.  Pizza Mia has that chewy, yummy dough.  I actually want to eat the crust instead of just throwing it out.

Christina - I don’t have any other Filipino-style designs, although I would like to find artwork that can be translated into cross stitch.

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