Father’s Day Success!

June 23, 2009

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DH loved all his gifts.  He got a cute toy, a book and this:

Charted as seen in Subversive Cross Stitch using black DMC on 28 ct white opalescent Lugana.  :)

More Flowers

June 17, 2009

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Our landlord’s son used to live in this house.  They really took care of the yard and the flower beds.  We have roses, lots of trees, some lavender, a hydrangea and these:

I think they’re peonies, but I’m not 100% sure.  This is from ONE STEM.  The flowers (yes, there’s more left on the plant) are so big and heavy, that they’re just drooping on the ground.  They are just absolutely beautiful!

Why Is There A Pool In My Living Room?

June 8, 2009

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Yes, Internet. That is exactly what you think it is.

We decided to get a small pool for the babies. As Ayame resists any form of change, this step was crucial to the Ayame-pool relationship. We let her play with it all flat and fresh from the box. She was allowed to touh it while we were inflating it. When the “tree trunks” inflated completely and raised the “tree tops” she went completely NUTS. There was lots and lots of tears and screaming. I didn’t think she would even try it. So what does Mommy do? She goes in the pool and shows the screaming child that there is nothing to be scared of. She eventually got in with me and warmed up to the pool. She liked the design and kept calling the top of the pool “sun”. It was round after all. But it was GREEN. And it had trunks. I told her it was a tree, while touching the trunks. So now the trunks are trees, but the top is still the sun. Oh well.

If it’s warm on Saturday, I’ll inflate it outside and let her play in it. If she’s okay with it, we might even PUT WATER IN IT. w00t!

Awesome Surprise!

June 5, 2009

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DH said he was expecting a delivery today.  So I tried to be downstairs as much as I could to watch out for FedEx or UPS.  A few minutes ago, someone knocked and I thought, “OMG!  Delivery people learned to knock before leaving stuff on the porch.  w00t!”  I opened the door and there was a lady holding a giant vase of flowers and balloons.

Me:  What’s that?

Lady:  Is this xx Your Rd?  Then these are for you!  :)

Awesome!  I started crying like a crazy person.  The flowers smell amazing.  The whole thing is just so beautiful.  Thanks, hun!

Someone Got a Haircut

June 4, 2009

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Reeve’s hair has been growing like weeds.



I just used the #5 guard on the clippers and away I went.  Its still kinda choppy in some parts.  It was very challenging to give a baby who squirms a lot a haircut… especially when he’s trying to grab the clippers and put them in his mouth.

Days 5, 6 & 7

June 3, 2009

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For Memorial Day, we met up with Brooke, Jim, Quintin and Grandpa Rick for lunch.  After that, we hung out a little bit at Brooke’s house.  Quintin was really sweet and kept asking Ayame to play with him.

The plan after that was to go for a drive, drop the kids off at Nana Pam’s house and go on a date.  Our beloved car, Turbo Kill (aka Turbo Bitch) decided otherwise.  We were driving along, enjoying the lovely, sunny day when Turbo Bitch decided that she didn’t want to drive around anymore.  Driving became difficult, so we turned around and headed back to the city.  I called every repair shop that showed up on the iPhone map, but none of them had time to see us that day.  Finally, a Monroe said okay to checking things out for us.  We got there and the guy said it might be the pump and that he can’t fix it.  Oy.  We tried to go to the VW dealer, but they were closed for the holiday.  We left the car at the mall (after calling security and making sure it was ok to leave the car there).  MIL came to the rescue and picked us up.

The next day, FIL picked up DH to take care of the car and to go golfing.  I decided to just stay at the hotel with the kids and get them back on their nap schedule and just relax.  I brought a stitching project along, but while I was in Rochester, I realized that I started at the wrong spot and my fabric was not gonna be big enough.  Ugh.  I didn’t feel like frogging the whole thing.  I thought of just cutting a new piece of fabric, but my cross stitch shopping bag was in the car.  Oh well.  I read instead.

The car was finally ready and we were able to drive back home on Wednesday.  DH decided it was time to drive stick again.  I tried and I sucked.  Then it got better… or so I thought.  DH said I wobbled the car everytime I shifted.  And I was jerking the car when I shifted lanes.  I swear, I forget to drive when I’m on a manual car.  I’d rather drive my automatic any day!  I was driving along when we heard THAT NOISE come out of Ayame, followed by THAT SMELL.  Eeeewwwww.  My awful driving had made her car sick.  Ugh.  Good thing we were near a rest stop.  Baby got cleaned and changed.  Car seat got wiped down, leather seats got wiped down some.  The next 3 or so hours were awful.  We had to drive with the windows down, the wind was loud and it freaked the babies out.

The last 15 miles took FOREVER as we got in Boston right at rush hour.  Ick.  Anyway, as soon as we got home, the car seats were taken out of the car and the covers went into the wash right away.  They were due for a wash anyway.  :)

It was a very hectic vacation but it was so much fun.  I got to see so much of Rochester for the first time.  I got to try Don’s Original and Nick Tahou’s Garbage Plate.  We saw Seabreeze and The Eastman House.  Next time we go, the kids will be bigger.  I will remember to bring the 2 strollers and we’ll go to Mumford.  :)  We’ll see…

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