First Finish of 2010

January 31, 2010

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This is from Tom Pudding Designs.  It was the November 2001 free chart.  Unfortunately, the site is long gone.  I tried looking for a cached version of it, but I didn’t find anything.  *sob sob sob*  I think I only printed out 3 designs from the website.  Does anyone know if they’re available anywhere else?

Details!  28 count white opalscent Lugana with 1 strand Premium Zumaque from Vikki Clayton, stitched over 2.  It only took about 2 days to stitch.  Someone without small children would probably be able to finish it in a day.  LOL.

The Child Who Will Not Stop Talking

January 29, 2010

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First of all…



DH and I started The Great Scanning Project.  We have about 5 million pictures and slides to look at, sort and scan just from his mom’s side of the family.  His Dad also gave us a big box last week.  We haven’t even gone through all of those yet.  Then there’s the pictures that I have…   It’s gonna take a while to finish, but its fun.

Anyway, yesterday I was working on a batch of pictures from DH’s 9th birthday.  Ayame asked to see what I was doing, so I showed her.  She immediately squealed “BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!”.  Then turned to me and said, “Make cake Mommy”.  LOL.  What she didn’t know was I had already made cake and that it was cooling in the fridge.  :)

In stitching news… the bit of work I’ve done in the past 2 days, and then some had to be completely ripped out.  I was off by 1 stitch ages ago and didn’t notice until last night when the 2 bits of the motif that were supposed to meet up DIDN’T.  *sigh*  Days of stitching gone in less than an hour. Oh well.  Just have to be more careful next time.  Perhaps working copies that I can highlight would be a good idea.

Rough Times

January 28, 2010

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The past few months have been really rough.  Everyone got sick, we received a bunch of bad news… it has been incredibly stressful.

I’ve been escaping the world by playing lots and lots of WoW.  But for 2 nights now I have managed to make time to stitch!  Well… time was never really the problem, I was just so unmotivated to stitch.  But the other night, Paradigm Lost called loudly and I worked a bit on it.  And I worked on it a bit last night as well.  It feels really good to stitch again.  There is just something very soothing about it.


As you may have noticed, I can’t blog without mentioning the kids, so here goes.

Yesterday Ayame told me, “Mommy, I strong!  Grrr”  Then she curled both arms to show me her biceps.

The kids did really well while we were in Rochester.  There were some tantrums, but they were otherwise okay.  Ayame bonded SO MUCH with Daddy, Nana and Ipa.  She can now recognize NANA’S HOUSE!!!  She knew which toys at Nana’s house she wanted and she knew where Nana kept them.  She loved being with Ipa and she let him spoil her rotten.

Reeve is still NOT saying anything other than MAMA.  A bunch of his teeth decided to start making their way out while we were away, so THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  Never leave home without baby Tylenol!

Thank God The Holidays Are Over

January 6, 2010

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We spent 5 days with my wonderful in-laws who spoiled the kids rotten.  Christmas was fun.  Lots and lots of fun.  But right after Christmas dinner, things went downhill FAST.

There was DH’s trip to the ER, Ayame’s 100.1F fever, Reeve’s 101.1F fever, the puking, the snot, the coughing, the NOT SLEEPING.  Did I mention there was puking?  IN THE CAR.  While on the highway. NOWHERE near a rest stop.  Did I mention that?

When we finally got home, there were more aches and pains.  I did not remain unscathed and ended up with a funky 24 hour stomach bug.  Nothing beats waking up at 5:30 am on New Year’s Day with the overwhelming urge to puke your guts out.  THAT WAS FUN!  It was like having a hang over, but without the fun of the drinking the night before.

Reeve’s been to the doctor, and DH & Ayame have doctor appointments today.  Oh the fun just DOES NOT STOP at our house.

Now that the whining part is done, we really did have fun seeing everybody for Christmas.  The kids got so much.  The family once again filled our car with presents.  We didn’t think we would have to take their presents out of their boxes, but we had no other choice.  The car got filled with toys and we had to make room for our luggage.

More pictures here!

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