2010 Recap

January 2, 2011

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I had TWO stitching finishes for 2010.  I stitched up an ornie and I finished Coffin Buzz.

That’s pretty bad as far as stitching goes, BUT 2010 was a very busy year.  We traveled, we packed up, we traveled again, we fixed up bits of the house, we moved, we cleaned the nastiest pool on earth, enjoyed the summer, enjoyed the fall and I made awesome progress on Autumn Wildlife.

The goal for 2011 is to finish Autumn Wildlife.  Ideally, I’d like for all four of us to have stockings by Christmas 2011, but I know that’s not realistic at all.  I don’t even have designs picked out for the kids yet.  Finishing Wildlife would be awesome.  I started it in 2004 and its long overdue for a happy dance.

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