Happy Birthday, Reeve!!!

August 6, 2009

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Reeve turned ONE on Monday.  ONE!!!  ONE!!!  As in 12 months have passed.  Why does time go by so fast with kids around?  We celebrated his birthday by having lunch at Orlando airport and getting on a plane back home.  :)  He hit a bunch of milestones.  He took his first steps on Saturday.  He walked 2 to 3 steps towards Daddy before sitting down.  He hasn’t done it again yet, but he’s been crawling at a crazy speed and has been walking all over the place while holding on to furniture.  He also finally started CHEWING.  On the flight to Orlando, we had him try some animal crackers.  He just let them sit in his mouth and waited for them to melt.  On the flight back, we was chewing on Cheerios and animal crackers.  w00t.  We have also successfully transitioned to whole milk.  No more expensive formula!  He and Ayame must be going through a crazy growth spurt though because the 2 of them can EASILY chug a gallon of milk in 2 days!  TWO DAYS!

I’ll be baking him a cake today.  Should also cook some noodles/pasta for long life.  :)  A little late in the celebration, but it always takes me a couple of days after vacation to get back to “normal mode”.

The Big 2!

May 28, 2009

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Ayame decided to be a big girl while we were on vacation.  She willingly walked from the car to the store.  She ran all around Toys R Us.  She used a spoon to eat her mashed potatoes.  She used a fork to eat her meatballs.  She learned new words and phrases.  She ate her first red hot.  She sat on a booster seat.  She tried skeeball.  She tried frozen custard (and loved it!).

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